Teodor C. Din



Developer & freelancer

  • Birthday: 2 Jan 2004
  • Website: teodin.com
  • Freelance: Not available
Efficiency and energy are my driving forces, but what sets me apart is my ability to stay positive and focused even in the toughest times. I believe in giving my all, learning as much as possible, and having fun along the way. When I'm on a mission, there's no stopping me.


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I specialize in web development, bot creation, 3D printing, and customer service, and I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to each of these areas. In addition, I have a talent for teaching and public speaking, allowing me to effectively communicate and share my knowledge with others.

3D Printing and machines
Team Managment


Project workflow


Teodor C. Din

Junior developer with more than 4 years of experience programming.


3rd Position hackathon Facsa Castellon


An programming contest

In just three days, working non-stop, I created a groundbreaking psychology program that accurately identifies certain mental conditions and provides personalized advice. With direct access to professional assistance and the utilization of a public API and big data analysis, the program continually refines and improves its accuracy for even more precise estimations. I'm proud to have developed a tool that can positively impact so many lives.

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  • Estudia e investiga


    A research program while studying

    The "Estudia e investiga en la UJI" program was created in the 2008/09 academic year with the aim of providing a broader education to the brightest students in the Universitat Jaume I. This program offers students the opportunity to obtain research and academic training that covers their needs and concerns, and allows them to develop their capacity for reflection and analysis. Through this program, students can achieve academic and personal competencies based on a topic that motivates and is relevant to the degree they are pursuing. With "Estudia e investiga en la UJI", students have the opportunity to acquire useful skills for their professional and personal careers, and to expand their knowledge in their area of interest.

    Entry to the Soc Olímpic programm


    Soc Olímpic and awesome performance

    As a national champion and top performer, I'm proud to have been invited to join the program 'Soc Olímpic' and 'Jovenes Investigadores' initiatives. It's an honor to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the field and contribute to cutting-edge research that has the potential to make a real difference in society.

    National Winner


    Building Engineering Olympics

    Contes recognized throughout Spain, where i finish as the national winner of a with a $1000 prize pool. This achievement was acknowledged by esteemed institutions including the University of Granada, the Department of Architectural and Engineering Graphic Expression, the Director of the E.T.S. Engineering of Building at the University of Granada, and the Schools of Technical Architecture and Building Engineering (CODATIE). It's an honor to have my work acknowledged by such respected institutions and experts in the field.

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    Local contest winner


    Building Engineering Olympics

    Local winner of the contest at UJI with a pool prize of 250$

    Professional Experience



    Hierarchical task organizer

    • Role based tasks
    • Progress check
    • Comments, files and notation
    • Hierarchical with Leader, team leader, coordinator and worker

    UJI MotorSport Formula Students team


    Developing and managing diferents aspects of team

    • Realtime telemetry to send data from the car to the station
    • Programing the main compouter board of the car
    • Sensor management and control
    • Pilot information into dashboard
    • Creating sensors in a cheaper mode to substitue expensive sensors
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    Titular secretary of HackerSpace CS


    Hackerspace, an IT asociation for the world

    BetaSearch developer


    betasearch (on the P2P ecosystem)

    • Search engine with AI
    • Crawler and Tokenizer based on web content
    • Big Data
    • Ads System
    • BetaBot: A bot that gets the most relevan news and display to users in chat channels
    • Downlaod Utopia

    Utopian.is developer

    2022 - 2023


    Nuva developer

    2020 - 2021


    • Gambling games
    • Transaction process
    • Game logic
    • Backend logic
    • Play

    UtopiaPay developer

    2019 - 2022

    Own startup

    • Developed the logic and the transaction process between user, page and customer
    • Developed API
    • Managed the backend
    • Donation page
    • Easy implementation with Wordpress or IPN callback
    • Recommended and consulted by customers
    • Have the 100% of the market in the ecosystem.
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    Bot developer

    2019 - 2020


    • Data analysis
    • Product recommended and used by an entire comunity (over 30K users)

    Metou.site developer

    2017 - 2018


    • Data analysis
    • Recommended by the 79% of the users that have used it
    • Nominated on +2 contest
    • Currently discontinued


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