Hello, I am Teo

SysAdmin & Developer

Over 4 years of programming experience

My passion for solving IT problems and crafting optimal solutions started at my childhood, where I found joy in creating things.

My journey has been marked by learning through failure, a process that ultimately led to my greatest successes. At the age of 14, I discovered my love for programming while developing games using Game Maker and building simple websites. Since then, my enthusiasm for the world of technology has only grown, and today I proudly call myself a programmer.

Starting with frontend development, I gradually immersed myself in backend programming. Over time, I ventured deeper into the realm of hardware and software, evolving into a Junior SysAdmin.

As the Chief Officer of the electrical department in a Formula Student team, I honed my leadership skills while guiding the team to success. From navigating technical challenges to orchestrating complex projects, I led the charge, ensuring our team overcame every obstacle.

Let's Connect

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